fireproof glass panes

Fireproof glass panes

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Picco & Martini in Venaria Reale, in the Province of Turin offers a range of fireproof glass panes to cover all the requirements related to passive fire protection with different products. These glazings are suitable for civilian and residential use such as offices, shopping centres, shops. 
Glass panes for passive fire protection
Picco & Martini work with a very level of professionalism in offering the safety of passive fire protection glazing which is functional, innovative, resistant and flexible. Our products cover all the classes in the sector regulations, namely: E-EW-EI 20-30-45-60-90-120 min. In addition, we also offer special solutions for exteriors and for horizontal installations.
These glazed panes meet the highest fire protection ratings as they can block flames and smoke in cases of fire outbreaks and thus guarantee easy evacuation.
Furthermore, our fireproof glass panes have high impact resistant ratings (in compliance with EN12600) and noise reduction (in compliance with EN12758). In addition, wherever it is deemed necessary for particular requirements, we can implement anti-vandalism/anti-tampering features which can withstand manual tampering (UNI EN 356) and can also be enhanced by the use of bulletproof glass (UNI EN 1063) or blast resistant glass (UNI EN 13541).
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