fire doors

REI/EI Doors

porte tagliafuoco, porte rei, porte ignifughe
With its Pyrobel glass, Picco & Martini produce fireproof glazed doors in compliance with the fire protection safety regulations in force in different classes REI/EI 30-60-90-120 with a range of opening configurations: single or double doors which can be matched with fixed partitions to provide outside windows and skylights.
It is also possible to subdivide fireproof partitions of large sizes to satisfy the partitioning requirements of designers and project managers.
In order to provide the right technical performance, the glazed fire doors are designed with very clean lines and can be coordinated with a range of accessories to combine aesthetics with functionality. These include:
  • Anti panic handles, Push bar or Touch bar;
  • Fully folding door closures;
  • Fully concealed hinges;
  • Access control devices. 
Large size fire doors
In addition to glass fire doors, Picco & Martini offers openable solutions in large sizes commonly known as Magnum.
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