vetri tagliafuoco, porte tagliafuoco, vetri isolanti

fireproof glass panes

the fireproof glass panes produced by picco & martini include a range of products all of which serve to provide passive fire protection.
vetri tagliafuoco, porte tagliafuoco, vetri isolanti

fire door

picco & martini produce fireproof structural glazing in accordance with the regulations in force for fire prevention safety in different classes rei /ei 30-60-90-120.
vetri antifurto, vetri antisfondamento, vetri isolanti

anti-intrusion and shatterproof glass

in addition to providing passive fire protection, our fireproof glass panes can be enhanced with suitable frames.
Vetri isolanti, vetri antifurto, ventri antisfondamento

insulating glass panes

fireproof glass can be used outside by installing double glazing.
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