anti-intrusion and shatterproof glass panes

Special fireproof glass panes: shatterproof, anti-tampering and blast resistant

vetri antisfondamento, vetrate rinforzate, vetri antieffrazione
In addition to providing passive fire protection, our fireproof glass can be implemented with other structures to increase security performance.
In this way, you can obtain a range of performances and the different class levels identified in the reference standards in the field of anti-vandalism/anti-tampering.
They can withstand manual tampering (in compliance with UNI EN 356); be bulletproof (in compliance with UNI EN 1063) or blast resistant (in compliance with UNI EN 13541).

Application fields

Picco & Martini make special compositions with Pyrobel, for structural glazed partitions with special technical features which may be required for high risk businesses.
Stadiums, oil and gas companies, petroleum platforms and industrial plants with a high risk of fire are just some of the sectors in which Picco & Martini operates by offering suitable products.

Design consulting

Picco & Martini with its in-house Technical Office can provide support for projects in a range of sectors including the building trade, civilian, naval, automotive and automotive supplies.  
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