fireproof structural glazing


pyrobel, pyrobelite, vetri sicurezza
Picco & Martini produces walls, structural glazed partitions and fire doors for interior and exterior use.
Fireproof structural glazing boasts highly fascinating elements and is perfect for combining aesthetic needs with technical performance.
Countless configuration options allow to combine the most varied requirements of designers and architects in addition to complying with fire protection regulations.
In this regard, Picco & Martini has developed an avant-garde border to border fireproof product called Vision Line for passive fire protection to solve the evermore demanding architectural demands that have arisen over recent years.
This is a solution which allows to create large size fireproof structural glazing without any vertical mountings. The system uses side by side modules thus, leaving maximum creative freedom in the design of the partition.
Vision Line has already been certified for its compliance with European regulation EN1364 and conforms to the class of up to 120 minutes. 
In addition to fire resistance or firewalls, the glazing can be matched up with structures which call for special anti-vandalism/anti-tampering features which can withstand manual tampering (UNI EN 356) and can also be enhanced by the use of bulletproof glass (UNI EN 1063) or blast resistant glass (UNI EN 13541).
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