fireproof partitions


pareti divisorie vetro tagliafuoco, vetri di sicurezza, blindati tagliafuoco
Picco & Martini produces fireproof partitions to ensure that rooms and premises have a high level of passive fire protection. These solutions can be used in a wide range of applications such as public buildings, institutions and private businesses.
Picco & Martini supply glass panes and frames specifically designed for these applications in order to satisfy the needs of numerous sectors, such as civilian, industrial, hospital and accommodation facilities as well as the naval and automotive sectors.
Furthermore, Picco & Martini have developed Vision Line, an avant-garde fireproof structural glazing solution to satisfy the most demanding architectural requirements.
This solution allows to create fireproof structural glazing in large sizes with no vertical mountings. The system uses side by side modules in order to allow for maximum creative freedom in the design of subdivisions.
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